Mission and Objectives

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The journey faced by those suffering from a life limiting illness can be the most difficult one they will ever have to cope with. We at Hazel Burns Hospice offer support to the terminally ill and their families on this most difficult journey by:

– Providing emotional and physical support by professional staff
– Counseling the individual, family, or caregiver in coping with the challenges of ongoing changes and losses in daily living, and with the grieving process both the physical & emotional, and the mental impact before and after the death
– The development of the skills needed for dealing with grief and loss
– Offering caregiver Support Groups, which provide compassionate peer support with an educational component given by professionals in the community
– Collaboration with other service providers to ensure continuity of care
– Advocacy for needed services offered by the community
– Respecting personal, cultural, religious beliefs, practices and values

We are committed to giving clients directed care, so they can maintain as much control as possible, keep their dignity and have a quality of life until death.

Hazel Burns Hospice does not require a fee for any of its services, which are provided to all terminally ill people regardless of age, status or community.

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Hazel Burns Hospice strives to empower those suffering from a life limiting illness, and their families, to live better until they die.


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