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Client calling Volunteer N.L to express her gratitude

October 12, 2013
“I would like to express my gratitude on behalf of my family for the time that she was helping my Father. She was an amazing person who was very punctual, hardworking, responsible. Was extremely compassionate very sensitive to his needs was a very pleasing person when we were going through hard times. She was amazing and amazing quality when she gave us space she was very polite. We are extremely grateful that we had her in our life at this difficult time. I express gratitude for my Mother, brothers and myself and all the attention… the needed attention that she gave to my Father. I just want her to know how valuable and appreciated she was. Thank you very much. Thank you we are extremely grateful.”


CCAC Case Manager calling to thank the Hazel Burns Hospice Staff for their hard work and dedication.

July 14, 2013
“Hello I am calling from Central CCAC and we have been talking on and off for the last couple of weeks and I am specifically calling to thank you and thank you personally and all of your volunteers that have been amazing and showed such support to us.. to the patient it’s it’s…it’s great.. it’s really helpful to all of us and being able to arrange things on such short notice…it’s…..I’m just speechless.. and really just thank you thank you thank you. I’m grateful and I am sure the patient is really appreciative of everything that you’ve done for her and you will do for her in the future. Thank you so very much. On behalf of Central CCAC on my behalf thank you very very much.





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